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Artists rendering of the suspect... er, subject in question. >.>'


The punkiest monkey that ever popped!

He knew every magic trick under the Sun,

To tease the Gods and everyone

And have some fun!


Born David Berkowitz al-Shabbaz Gutierrez von Himlerschterzen Rasputin Ming-na Wen IV, little is known of this strange FARKers origins. Some claim he is the bastard son of El Santo and the Fabulous Moolah. Others say he is lone survivor of the planet Krypton. Some scholars speculate he is, in fact, a talking penguin from an alternate universe, though that has yet to be proven.

What is indisputable, however, is that he is directly responsible for the proliferation of the pony meme in the fWc. This action was made to the delight of some, the chagrin of many, and is a decision he has shown no remorse for.

His other major contribution to the fWc was his creation of the Global Legendary Television Championship of the World. The exclusive major title of TNA Wrestling threads, "Captain Steroid" has himself won this "belt" a record-tying 10 times.

In 2005, he was permenently barred entry into Italy after accidentally setting the Vatican on fire, causing a small riot after tourists believed the Pope had died and his successor chosen within a six minute timespan.

He is currently employed at Hooters.

Championships and Accomplishments[]

- 2x Moss Covered Three Handled Family Gredunza Champion (July 22, 2013 - July 22, 2013; August 31, 2015 - September 20, 2015)

- Creator, 11x Global Legendary Television Champion of the World.

- Ponies

2x Hardcore Gredunza Champion (Game 6 Thread of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Capital Hill Shootout thread)

Last Man Standing Champion - June 20, 2013 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

Wrestlemania Classic Headline Challenge winner, August 5, 2013

- More Ponies

- 2x fWc Tag Team Champion (August 26, 2013 RAW Discussion Thread, September 20m 2015 WWE Night of Champions thread)

- Sideways-T Trivia Champion - September 27, 2013 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

- I represent the royal prince of the people's kingdom of Nigeria, wishing to transfer $10,000,000 of his monies to your bank account for safe keepings. 


- Oh, look! It's Derpy Hooves! :D

A wild DERPY HOOVES has appeared! :o

The REAL champ is here! :P

A "memorial" recognizing Captain Steroid's two fWc Gredunza Championships