Drink the syrup! Cleans your spams!


The Cult of [REDACTED] is a faux-religious order which reveres banned user Smiths.

The Genesis of [REDACTED]Edit

Smiths was banned from in 2012 for reasons nobody can quite discern, other than, "pissing the mods off."

This generated animosity towards Fark's moderators and resulted in what was called "the split." Some FWC members thought a user called GrablesDaughter received preferential treatment, while Smiths was harshly treated for less aggressive behavior.

"GD" as she was called used to run a lonely hearts racket, where she'd exchange nude photos in exchange for items off her Amazon wishlist. Her appearance in threads regularly derailed them, disrupting the topic and other users. Yet Fark allowed her to continue.

Smiths was known for his hyper-sarcastic, drunken rants with all his text bolded and centered. Acerbic but not nearly as disruptive, in some's opinion. After his banishment, several FWC Originals left for FWC Japan.

[REDACTED] is BornEdit

After banishment, Smiths' name couldn't be mentioned on, due to the FARQ. So FWC'ers referred to him as "[REDACTED]," pretending to redact Smiths' name, even though everyone knew who it was.


This is the edited version of the "Free Smiths" poster, created for posting on Fark after his banning.

The Cult ArisesEdit

In summer 2012, user Verbaltoxin warned FWC'ers that "he" was among them, and wanted the FWC to confess their spams (Off-topic P-Shops, inane chatter, etc.) and bathe in the healing vodak (Smiths' favorite drink). Later Ministry of Darkness-era Undertaker pics appeared, demanding fellowship with the Cult. Several joined and drank the vodak. Others remain infidels.

The Cult TodayEdit

The cult is alive and underground. Also the joke is a bit played out. It unites different faction members and lurkers under one banner, faith in vodak and pure wrestling discussion.

Other StuffEdit

Vodak: vodka. Smiths/[REDACTED]'s favorite drink.

Syrup: references GrablesDaughter, for she was spared while Smiths was punished.