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This is the current logo/flag for the FWC 日本 splinter group. the characters 日本 are kanji for the word Japan and are pronounced "nihon".

FWC Japan (FWC-J or FWC 日本) a faction which resides on a Proboards forum, and it is an offshoot from, aka "Mainland." It contains many FWC Originals who left during "the split" after Smiths was banned from Fark.

FWC-J originally broke out as "Fluttershy Wrestling Collective Japan" but anti-pony sentiment lead it to become "Fallout Wrestling Collective," in August 2013.

The SplitEdit

Smiths was banned from Fark in 2012. After much petitioning on his part to Fark owner Drew Curtis, he was told to fuck off, in so many words. (For more information on the split read the FAQ.) FWC Original Praise Cheesus started a Proboards forum in protest, so FWC'ers could come and talk there without Fark mod interference and no removal of posts due to verboten talk.  The rules of FWC 日本 are few. Off topic discussion is allowed, as is off color language (off color language is in fact to be expected).


FWC 日本 typically enjoys Impact more than their mainland counterparts, and often has a greater appreciation for it than Raw or WWE products. Most members of FWC 日本 however, do watch WWE, with the notable exception of Smiths (and even he will troll the thread or watch a PPV from time to time).

Ask a WorkerEdit

FWC 日本 has the honor of hosting two former workers in the wrestling biz Auntie Cheesus and Ed Becker. In the "Ask a Worker" subforum you can pose any questions you have about the behind the scenes aspects of the wrestling business. Break down the fourth wall and visit FWC 日本 to ask your burning questions!


Click this to visit the Isle of Avalon where FWC-Japan resides.