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On occasion, fate, fortune, and monthly budgets allow some of the FWC membership to attend events in person.  These are usually Raw or Smackdown TV events, but have included a few PPV events as well.  Should those FWC members in attendance be spotted on TV, or at least get some great pictures, autographs, etc. from the event, they will join the short list of members who have fulfilled Checklist Item #22FWC member in the crowd/on TV

Confirmed Member Sightings[]

Dougie AXP

Grand Moff Joseph - Royal Rumble 2012, Extreme Rules 2013 (w/Jetskimoo)

GMJ's 'Broski-PAC sign seen on TV at the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Hundreddollarman - Raw 8/12/13

Hundreddollarman and his crappy "Here comes Mongo!" sign.