Obama Gredunza

Verbaltoxin's Election Night 2012 Hardcore Gredunza


The Hardcore Gredunza is the most elusive LARP belt in FWC. It requires going into a non-FWC thread in another Fark tab, and posting "Moss covered three handled family gredunza" at the 1,004th post.


Early FWC members came up with the idea of posting MCTHFG in other threads. Doing so makes one "hardcore." It takes more luck than the average FWC thread, because one has to both make the 1,004th post and not draw too much attention to it, or the mods will delete the post for being off-topic.


A hardcore gredunza can be defended multiple times, if a rare epic thread appears on Fark. Some past examples include: the Supreme Court's decision on Prop. 8 thread, the George Zimmerman verdict thread, the Election Night 2012 thread.

The Hardcore gredunza winner with the most successful challenges is Verbaltoxin, who won on the Election Night 2012 threads. He won it on the 1,004th post and kept it for over 5,020 additional posts across multiple threads the whole night.