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Born in 1964, the man now known as Hospitaller grew up in Michigan and found out about wrestling through Saturday Morning shows that featured BoBo Brazil.  He watched wrestling sparingly through his early life, eventually coming to watch it weekly thanks to the WWWF/WWF/WWe and the NWA/WCW and other brands.


The Hospitaller gimmick harkens to a love of historical irony.  A group of men that would become the Knights Templar started out as the Knight Hospitaller.  These men began missions to the Middle East to start hospitals and chapels treating the injured and soulless victims of the Crusades.  Something happened during this valiant work and a heel turn was started.  Eventually the heel turn was complete and the Hospitallers became ruthless killing machines, going so far as to develop weaponry and methods that would make even Hannibal Lecter blush.

Hospitaller is a member of nPo and by his very nature a heel.  Any strange or odd behavior in the fWc threads will undoubtably earn a CHAIRSHOT for the participant and maybe even get them sent through a table.  Machoprogrammer earned the first Chairshot/Powrslam thru table combo in the Post summerSlam Thread on 8/21/2013.


Hospitaller currently holds no belts and has never won a belt, but this is not for lack of trying.  He has a number of posts #1003 and/or 1005, especially in Hardcore title attempts.  He is mostly around to make fun of the ponies and noobs anyway.

An epic Last Man Standing war ended on 8/21/2013 when CaptPlaty who hadn't posted for hours drops in just after Hospitaller would have won.  I have now been the second to last post in a few LMS battles.

The Hunt Continues!!

This is my alter ego

nPo 4lyfe