Kane hate

Kane embraces the hate. The adorable, fuzzy hate.

Kane, aka "The Big Red Monster" is a wrestler with the WWE and is the brother of the Undertaker. His gimmick in general is of a monster from Hell who "embraces the hate". He has recently shown his softer side as a member of Team Hell-No, hugging it out with Daniel Bryan on the regular.

Libertarian KaneEdit

IRL Glenn Jacobs, the man who plays Kane, is a Libertarian. Generally this results in posting of pictures of Kane in his Ron Paul t-shirt, followed by caps locks captions about taxation being theft, embracing the gold standard and doing away with fiat currency.

Kane's Three Foot PenisEdit

In 2006 when Kane was cast in the role of Jacob Goodnight in See No Evil, Vince McMahon thought it would be a good idea to have a point in the movie where Kane's character whips out his dick... and it is three feet long. This idea was squashed, but it was too little too late to save the movie, which by most accounts was horrible.

NSFW Kane's Three foot dong.

Kane fiat currency

Farker and fWc member pistolgrippump implores the public to say no to fiat currency on a live Raw.