The best there is, the best there was, etc. 

Karate Explosion is the heel that you deserve. He doesnt even watch wrestling, yet has his very own page on a wrestling wiki. You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something is going too well? That feeling.. that sense of impending doom... that is Karate Explosion waiting to ruin your day. 

Has He Always Been So Evil? Edit

No. Like any good backstory, there was a tragic turn of events that led to this. Karate was a huge wrestling fan from the early 90s until mid 2003. He bonded with his estranged father by going to Survivor Series in Detroit, Michigan. They watched Sunday Morning Superstars together every weekend. They cheered for the Rockers, Jake the Snake, and George the Animal Steel. 

But then, it happened. His Junior year of college he road tripped to a small indy show near Detroit. The main event featured 2 Cold Scorpio vs. the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal SABU. The match was fantastic. They had the crowd pumped. After the main event, we went to a local bar, and who did we see? 2 Cold Scorpio, Mr. Flashmaster Funk himself. Karate approached the table and showed his appreciation for the show he put on. What did 2 Cold say? What did he tell this fan? "Your girlfriend is hot, want to tag team?" What would normally be no big deal suddenly was, as he saw what 2 Cold was packing earlier in the night. He may have had a snake of his own in those tights. Karate's girlfriend wasn't interested, but when they broke up 1 year later, he couldn't help wonder if it wasn't because of that chance encounter with 2 Cold. 

From that day forward, he swore off wrestling and all those who enjoy those souless monsters. He wont stop until the moral of every fan has been sufficiently taken from them. 

FWc AppearanceEdit

Some time in April? Who cares. He came, he saw, he dominated. In the matter of 3 weeks, he became the top heel in the land of marks. Now a member of the NPO, he stakes his ground before each show starts, making his intentions clear. Step 1. Destroy the ponies. Step 2. Destroy the undecideds. Step 3. ??????? Step 4. Profit. 

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