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The MMMM belt, the final link between LARPing marks and Bronies.

The Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness championship (or MMMM for short) is a LARP belt contested in the FARK threads dedicated to the program My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is the first fWc belt to be set up and regularly defended in a non-wrestling thread. The title of the belt comes from the name of a dessert created in the MLP: FIM episode "MMMystery on the Friendship Express"

Origin and History[]

Somethingsomethingsomething Global Legendary Television Champion of the World Help me Grand Moff Joseph you're my only hope

MMMM Rules[]

The MMMM belt is awarded to the person who is able to post the phrase "Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness" (or some variant thereof) on the 150th post of an MLP: FIM thread. Originally the title was awarded to the 200th poster, but the post count was reduced due to the challenge in reaching 200 posts in one thread.

List of Past MMMM Champions[]

The following is a list of previous holders of the MMMM belt

Episode Number Episode Date Result
4x1,2 11/23/2013 Short*
4x3 11/30/2013 Short*
4x4 12/7/2013 Short*
4x5 12/14/2013 Short*
4x6 12/21/2013 Short*
4x7 12/28/2015 Short*
4x8 1/4/2014 Short*
4x9 1/11/2014 Grand_Moff_Joseph**
4x10 1/18/2014 BOTCH
4x11 1/25/2014 clintster
4x12 2/1/2014 BOTCH
4x12 2/1/2014 qorkfiend
4x13 2/8/2014 FirstNationalBastard
4x13 2/8/2014 BOTCH
4x13 2/8/2014 BOTCH
4x14 2/15/2014 Grand_Moff_Joseph (2)
4x15 2/22/2014 BOTCH
4x16 3/1/2014 ShiningWizard
4x17 3/8/2014 clintster (2)
4x18 3/15/2014 BOTCH
4x19 3/22/2014 BOTCH
4x20 3/29/2014 cynicalminion
4x21 4/5/2015 Short
4x22 4/19/2014 Short
4x23 4/26/2014 cynicalminion (2)
4x24 5/3/2014 ShiningWizard (2)
4x25,26 5/10/2014 CipollinaFan
4x25,26 5/10/2014 FirstNationalBastard (2)
5x1,2 4/4/2015 Grand_Moff_Joseph (3)
5x1,2 4/4/2015 CipollinaFan (2)
5x3 4/11/2015 CipollinaFan (3)
5x4 4/18/2015 CipollinaFan (4)
5x5 4/25/2015 CipollinaFan (5)
5x6 5/2/2015 CipollinaFan (6)
5x7 5/16/2015 CipollinaFan (7)
5x12 7/5/2015 Captain Steroid
5x13 7/11/2015 null

*250th post

**200th Post