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nyrkah1 is a 10 time Gredunza winner.

Some pronounce his name "nur-kah" some call him "ricca". Oddly enough, when he sees his name, he spells it out. Which means he calls himself n-y-r-k-a-h-one. Which is kinda weird.

He was the first member recruited to the Broski-pac (then known as the Wolf-pac) by Dougie_AXP. 

When the fWc split, nyrkah1 followed Smiths to Japan because, you know, kitties.

nyrkah1 is currently working on a longer version of his fWc Wiki biography to ensure that it is a completly accurate portrayal of his involvment in the fWc. He's not busy making shit up. Really.


nyrkah1 likes the New York Rangers because he was raped as a child by Ron Duguay's dog.